Welcome to "Your Life is Your Message"

My name is Stephen Melnick and I am here to help you realize your life goals and achievements through the "Your Life is Your Message" online workshop and programs. This program has totally changed my life and I have included some resources on my homepage to help you get started on your journey.


This program is all inclusive and deals with diet, weight, exercise, family, relationships, career, stress, emotions and spirituality. I have not found any area of life that the program cannot be applied to. I am excited and passionate about sharing my experiences with you and helping you achieve your goals.


The foundation of what I teach centers around a special workbook created during the course called a "Life Book". Each person sets a list of of short and long term goals and then reduces the list to tasks which will be implemented in the next 30 days. The workshop uses imagery, affirmations, coaching and an emotional freedom technique. I am available to provide coaching online and help support your journey.

Change at the practical level

While the changes each participant makes are highly transformational, the implementation in daily life is gradual, practical and flexible. Easy, simple solutions are presented to the participants.There are no dogmas or books to read, this course deals directly with a person's issues.

My story and how the workshop got created

I have a lived a much different life from most people. For many years of my life, I was able to work for 6 months a year and then do what I wanted for the remaining 6 months. Before the age of 45, I was able to consider retirement. I traveled the world and was able to persue my lifelong dreams. Taking time off and doing the things I loved is something I have never regretted and only wish I had started sooner in life.

It was not until I discovered the secrets of goal achievement and breaking out of the social norm and self imposed limitations that this became possible. I wrote this workshop so I can share my experiences and help you achieve your goals. Please feel free to read the details of my story about how the workshop got created and how it has revolunitionized my life.

Free "Your life is Your Message" E-Course

There is a free e-course which I have written to help you achieve your goals today.The e-course is called "Secrets to Successful Living and Goal Achievement". It covers important topics like: Why do most people fail to achieve their goals, The Secret To Achievement, Path to Successful Goal Achievement and more. Subscribe now to get this course and our newsletter!