Your Life is Your Message

Your life is your message is a workshop based on the principle that your life is a holographic whole (dynamic energy system) and when you change one thing in your life, you change your entire life. One should not discount the effects of making small changes in one's life and the great effects the implemented changes can produce. The workshop covers different aspects of one's being. Using various techniques each participant performs a self analysis and makes a step sheet and a dream book. Then a plan is written to prioritize the tasks and order which tasks will be implemented.

The workshop is geared at a practical level. While the changes each participant makes are highly transformational, the implementation in daily life is gradual, practical and flexible. Simple solutions are presented to the participants.

For most people the difficulty in life and the lack of desired achievements comes from a lack of proper implementation. Thinking of ideas is not difficult, but the ability to implement them is lacking or the goals are so high and unachievable that they are nothing but dreams. Too often we settle for and do much less than we are capable of. How many of us really achieve the potential we are born with.

This workshop offers the opportunity to help achieve your potential and realize your goals. Don't miss this rare opportunity. Online coaching is available after the workshop is completed and follow on courses will be available. The workshop leader will offer intuitive guidance to those who are interested.

The workshop is available both online as a Skype online workshop and onsite.

Private one on one workshops are also available over Skype or in person.

Please contact:

Name: Stephen Melnick
Cost: 65 Euros per hour (80 United States Dollars per hour)
Phone: +43 6642129447